acrylic paint, paint tray, spray paint and collage on 2-panel canvas. custom made brass frame. Dimensions 200 x 153 cm. 2019
Michael Georgetti : Desiring machines//D & G

Dolce and Gabbana

(Desiring Machines)

Charcoal on unprimed canvas, plaster and wood sculpture, custom made brass display with vinyl stickers, perspex, spray paint and adhesive. Dimensions variable. 2019

Too much Form makes if Feel Crowded. Michael Georgetti.

Too Much Form Makes it Feel Crowded

acrylic paint, collage, spray paint, screw and paint tray on canvas. 2020

Dimnensions: 156 x 110 cm

Resort 2020, Michael Georgetti
RESORT 2020///
acrylic paint, spray paint, collage, custom made brass frame. Dimensions: 157 x108 cm, 2019

Michael Georgetti -Fate of Sicilian Fig Monger
Fate of the Sicilian Fig Monger
acrylic paint, spray paint wood palet, foam, collage on canvas. dimensions: 155 x 110 cm. 2019

Cardinal Vermilloin

Acrylic paint, spray paint, cement and adhesive on 2 panel canvas. custom made brass frame. Dimensions: 220 x 158 cm. 2021

Michael Georgetti Preview 2019

RMIT preview, hosted by The Renshaws. 2019. Install Shot.

ETALAGE -Michael Georgetti 2020
ETALAGE (After All, Ritual By-passes Language).
Acrylic paint, spray paint, collage and gold leaf on canvas. aluminium display with chrome powder coating, perspex, plaster, screws and vinyl. painting dimensions: 185 x 138 cm (variable). 2019
Michael Georgetti. Quasi Bodies (

QUASI-BODIES (Ghost Display) 

acrylic and spray paint on 2 panel canvas with custom made brass frame, 210x185 cm 

floor work: custom-made aluminium support, wooden platform, plastic matt, cement, plaster and spray painted sculpture, custom made vinyl stickers. Dimensions variable, 2018

TIMBRE//. Michael Georgetti

Timbre - Gauche Tropes.

Acrylic paint, gold leaf, collage and adhesive on canvas. custom made powder coated frame. 2019. Dimensons:188 x 140 cm