The Eiffel Tower's Tricky, We never know which Leg to Meet Under.
acrylic paint, paint tray, spray paint and collage on 2-panel canvas. custom made brass frame. Dimensions 200 x 153 cm. 2019
Michael Georgetti : Desiring machines//D & G

Dolce and Gabbana

(Desiring Machines)

Charcoal on unprimed canvas, plaster and wood sculpture, custom made brass display with vinyl stickers, perspex, spray paint and adhesive. Dimensions variable. 2019

Michael Georgetti: Too much Form makes if Feel Crowded. Michael Georgetti.

Too Much Form Makes it Feel Crowded

acrylic paint, collage, spray paint, screw and paint tray on canvas. 2020

Dimnensions: 156 x 110 cm

Resort 2020, Michael Georgetti
RESORT 2020///
acrylic paint, spray paint, collage, custom made brass frame. Dimensions: 157 x108 cm, 2019


Prelude To a Veritable Hue. acrylic paint on multi panel canvas and board with custom made polished brass frame. dimensions: 188 x 149 cm. 2021

Fate of the Sicilian Fig Monger
acrylic paint, spray paint wood palet, foam, collage on canvas. dimensions: 155 x 110 cm. 2019

Cardinal Vermilloin

Acrylic paint, spray paint, cement and adhesive on 2 panel canvas. custom made brass frame. Dimensions: 220 x 158 cm. 2021

Michael Georgetti Preview 2019

RMIT preview, hosted by The Renshaws. 2019. Install Shot.

ETALAGE -Michael Georgetti 2020
ETALAGE (After All, Ritual By-passes Language).
Acrylic paint, spray paint, collage and gold leaf on canvas. aluminium display with chrome powder coating, perspex, plaster, screws and vinyl. painting dimensions: 185 x 138 cm (variable). 2019
Michael Georgetti. Quasi Bodies (

QUASI-BODIES (Ghost Display) 

acrylic and spray paint on 2 panel canvas with custom made brass frame, 210x185 cm 

floor work: custom-made aluminium support, wooden platform, plastic matt, cement, plaster and spray painted sculpture, custom made vinyl stickers. Dimensions variable, 2018

TIMBRE//. Michael Georgetti

Timbre - Gauche Tropes.

Acrylic paint, gold leaf, collage and adhesive on canvas. custom made powder coated frame. 2019. Dimensons:188 x 140 cm