Scandinavian Waltz -Michael Georgetti

SCANDINAVIAN WALTZ: acrylic paint, spray paint and gold leaf on canvas with custom made aluminium frame with gold enamel coating. Dimension: 188 x 135 cm. 2018

De Facto Monument
Acrylic paint, spray paint, wood, screws, wooden platform, tracksuit pants, mixed media with custom made brass frame. 190 x 190 cm 2019
RESORT 2021::.jpg.jpg

Egyptian Cotton, 500 Thread Count//

Acrylic paint, spray paint, collage, fabric on canvas with adhesive. Custom made brass frame with PRADA vinyl stickers.  Dimensions: 185 x 139 cm


Quasi-Bodies, (Ghost Displays)
acrylic paint, spray paint, cement and adhesive on two-panel canvas with custom-made brass frame. Dimensions: 220 x 185 cm. 2019
Install shot from La Trobe Art Institute, Bendigo.
Colonial Spirit. 2019 Michael Georgetti
remedial growth


plaster, plastic bones, plastic foliage, adhesive, floor mat, corrective back support, dimensions variable, 2017

And The Barbarians Were Promised Orchids For Their Graves: plaster, net, cotton bag, clay, adhesive, plastic. dimensions: 42 x 34 cm. 2018